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YET Flash Skin on whitening cream

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YET Flash Skin on whitening cream


  1. Dual Functional - Whitening, Wrinkle-Care

    Niacinamide (ingredient for whitening) covers all the factors that make your skin dull to keep your skin clean and clear.
    - Adenosine(ingredient for anti-wrinkle) Restores skin firmness and facilitates secretion of collagen by helping proliferation of fibroblast in the inner skin.

  2. Immediate and gradual whitening!

  3. Soft and tender texture like yogurt!
    Not sticky but still moist feeling of wear completes the natural expression of your skin.

  4. Softly start your clear makeup.

  5. Base cream, moisturizing, whitening, all in one at once.
    Shortens your time for makeup and provides soft matt texture without gloss.


Complexion + Whitening + Makeup Base +Resilience Cream


Just apply a little after basic skin care and rub it! Just a little amount will do!

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