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YET Magic whitening changing color bb

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YET Magic whitening changing color bb


  1. Nourishes and improves your skin texture
    All the-good-for-skin nutritious and essence ingredients improves damaged skin and gives extra moisturizing effect that turns rough, dry skin into balanced, healthy skin.

  2. Smooth, silky skin
    On applying, the white-colored cream will instantly change its color that best suits your skin tone to create bright and smooth skin texture.

  3. Multi-functions; whitening, anti-wrinkles
    Contained two ingredients, Adenosine and Arbutin, it doesn’t only improves wrinkles but also adjusts your tone for natural and clearly bright look

  4. Save your makeup time
    All-in-one cream that has all the functions of makeup base, foundation, whitening and anti-wrinkles completes your makeup faster and more easily.


After skin care routine, apply adequate amount on skin and pat for thorough absorption.

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